VIDEO: BOS Nyaru Menteng: Update on Newest Rescued Babies Susanne and Topan

Following the rescue of two baby orangutans by BOS Foundation Nyaru Menteng and the Central Kalimantan BKSDA earlier this month, we are happy to report that a few weeks on, both babies are doing so much better.


Susanne was rescued in early October and arrived at Nyaru Menteng in a relatively stable condition, albeit a bit underweight at 6.1 kg. At first, she seemed to be depressed and was scared of new faces, but since that time she has adapted well to her new environment and engages happily with her babysitters. Susanne loves to climb and dangle and she has a very healthy appetite. She has warmed quickly to the other babies in quarantine, Josh and Taymur, and when Topan arrived the day after her, she tried to engage him to play and seemed to try to protect him when he tried to climb the ropes in the indoor playground.


The day after Susanne arrived, Topan was rescued and arrived at Nyaru Menteng in a very weak state. He was severely underweight at only 1.5 kg, and dehydrated. We were extremely concerned and our dedicated medical team have been focusing on his health and welfare. After spending the first few days in intensive care, Topan's condition improved, and he was able to join the other babies in the quarantined section of the Baby House. Little Topan has an extremely strong will to survive and he has clearly only just been taken from the wild and his mother. He drinks milk, climbs the structures and ropes in the indoor playground and interacts with babysitters, though he often cries and needs a lot of love.

It's a long process rehabilitating young orangutans, but we have high hopes that these two infants will successfully complete their quarantine and later be able to join the other babies in the Nursery Group. Thanks to the dedication and loving care provided by our Nyaru Menteng team, Topan and Susanne are making their regaining their health and confidence.

Text by: BOS Foundation Communication Team

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