Earth 4 Orangutans

SOCPWe are thrilled to be joining forces with Dr Ian Singleton, Jessica McKelson and the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) on an exciting new orangutan sanctuary project in Sumatra. You can see and learn more on the main Earth 4 Orangutans website!

What is Earth 4 Orangutans?

E4O is the development of a vital island orangutan sanctuary in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia for rescued orangutans who for reasons of ill health or injury due to human impact require long-term care and can never be released into the wild. The sanctuary will allow each individual an enriching life within a natural habitat setting. The sanctuary will also become a crucial conservation education resource aimed at changing attitudes towards wildlife and the environment within the region, utilizing the orangutans as the forefront of conservation education.

The Residents

Tila, Dek Nong and Leuser currently reside at the SOCP center where they are being cared for by dedicated staff while they wait for their new homes. Click on their names to learn their stories.

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How can I get involved?

Adopt an orangutan! You can directly support SOCP by adopting Nadya, Megaloman or Krismon for just US $10/month. Learn more about them on our adoption page.





Contributions made via this button will be allocated to SOCP for the Baby House.

RAW-LOGO-400wRaw Wildlife Encounters!
Witness wild orangutans on an E4O fundraising adventure through Raw Wildlife Encounters! On this eco tour you will visit the SOCP quarantine centre and meet world leading orangutan expert Dr Ian Singleton on an exclusive behind-the-scenes visit. You will then spend 7 days on an adventure around wildlife hotspots of Northern Sumatra, supporting local community conservation projects and getting up close to elephants, orangutans and a wealth of Sumatran wildlife. There are limited positions so enquire now!

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