Introducing Dreads for Reds

Center for Great Apes & Orangutan Outreach
Launch Orangutan Conservation Campaign
"Dreads For Reds"


The Center for Great Apes will be offering “Dreads for Reds”, clip-in neon-orange 16” synthetic hair extensions, nicknamed “Dreads”. They symbolize the long dreadlocks of hair on mature male orangutans. All funds resulting from the sale of the symbolic dreadlocks will directly benefit the Center for Great Apes' care of sanctuary Orangutans in Florida and Orangutan Outreach's conservation initiatives in the field.

To purchase your dreadlocks, please visit the Center for Great Apes' online store. If you have questions, please contact Holly Draluck

Perfect Pongo in all His glory.

Meet Pongo, one of the Center's many amazing red ape residents.... (Photo courtesy of CFGA)