Background Story

JoJo was the first orangutan to be rescued by International Animal Rescue (IAR). In fact, he was the very reason IAR created the Ketapang, Indonesia Orangutan Rescue Center in 2009. When Dr. Karmele Llano Sanchez, IAR's Director of Operations in Indonesia, first came across JoJo, his condition brought her to tears. He was sitting in an open sewer surrounded by feces and garbage. His ‘owners’ had chained him up on a wooden pallet and his body was hunched over and weak from a lifetime spent in a tiny cage with an insufficient diet. He was severely emaciated and the tight chain around his ankle had caused a deep, open wound. Despite the horrific living conditions, JoJo had a sparkle in his eye, so there was still hope for this beautiful soul.

JoJo Today

JoJo is being cared for by International Animal Rescue (IAR) Indonesia Foundation. Due to having spent so many years in a small cage with poor nutrition, JoJo developed rickets and does not have full use of his legs. It would not be safe for JoJo to return to the forest as he does not have the physical abilities and skills needed for survival. He is considered “unreleasable” and he will receive lifetime care from IAR. Proceeds from his adoptions will help JoJo move from his cage into a giant, 1-acre forested enclosure!

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