Little Bravis Growing More Confident by the Day

April 11, 2018 — Bravis was rescued on 26 January this year by a joint team from the BOS Foundation and the Central Kalimantan BKSDA, from a village in Mantangai Regency, Central Kalimantan. Like many other baby orangutans that end up in our care, Bravis was found wandering alone, without his mother. After several weeks of love and attention from our dedicated team, Bravis has made some remarkable progress.

Bravis, who we think is around two and a half years old, is currently in quarantine at the Nyaru Menteng Baby House. When he arrived, he was suffering from severe dehydration and a worm infection, but he has made a great recovery thanks to the love and care provided by our medics and babysitters. He is now looking healthy and active, and is bonding well with his friends, Hati, Alejandra, and Rachel.

His confidence is growing fast in Forest School, with Bravis now often venturing away from his babysitter to try new things. Bravis climbs up rather high for his age and doesn’t get upset when he falls or if his food is snatched by others. On the contrary, he bravely defends himself and claims his food back!

His progress drew the attention of Sri, BOS Foundation’s Babysitter Coordinator, in Forest School. Sri recalls, “Bravis does not give up easily. I saw him fall from a tree one day, due to a slippery branch. But that did not stop him. He got up and climbed straight back up!”

We are proud of Bravis for making such positive progress in such a short time, and we will continue to help him work through the long rehabilitation process. We hope to see Bravis return to his true home in the forest someday!

Text by: BOS Foundation Nyaru Menteng Communication Team

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