Beni's Future is Bright

In 2019 Beni graduated from forest school after learning the skills that will support him on his journey back to the wild as an independent individual.

We’ve got BIG news to share with you: Beni is ready for his next step in his journey towards freedom: to move to a cage-free forested island home on Salat Island.

Beni holds a special place in all our hearts, and like you, we want to see him on the island, where he can experience a whole new side of life in the forest.

But Beni needs your help.

With your support, Beni can refine his skills and continue his education, preparing him for his eventual release into the wild. See more on Beni's page.

Here's how your donation helps:

● $10 can provide enrichment
● $25 can provide food for the journey to the pre-release island
● $50 can provide a general health check-up before the move
● $100 can provide transportation for the trip to the new island home
● $250 can provide for the team of technicians feeding and watching the island for a week

Support Beni & his friends by making a tax-deductible donation to the BOS Foundation!

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