Orangutan Outreach featured on OuTrop Blog

rich-and-friendOrangutan Outreach Founder Director Richard Zimmerman recently did an extensive interview for the OuTrop blog.

Why was it orangutans that became your passion over any other creature?

I've always felt orangutans were special creatures. My love for them is unconditional. Strangely enough I don't know why this is, but it goes back to when I was very young. There's just something about them... When I look in their eyes and watch them interact with one another.... Even when they are just sitting still, I'm spellbound. I always have been.

I believe orangutans should have the right to live free of fear, free of danger, free of human encroachment into their forest home. They are not capable of defending themselves against humans, and in any violent encounter, the orangutan ultimately loses. This is why they need to be protected and why I do what I do. It is a question of Rights and Justice.
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