Noni & Dodo Get a New Enclosure

Noni dancing…. a very happy orangutan!

Orangutan Outreach is proud to support Noni & Dodo, two amazing orangutans being cared for at the Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center.  As you can see from the photos, they are getting huge.

Their old cage was not big enough for them and they were starting to break out with alarming frequency... When the Cikananga staff told us the situation was critical, we decided that the best solution would be to build them a new enclosure.

Many thanks to the awesome staff at Cikananga-- Resit, Willemijn, Iing, the vets & all the keepers-- and to Darno, O-Team member from JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network). Darno is the magician behind this amazing new enclosure.

Noni and Dodo made the big move this past weekend. They were gently sedated and went through routine medical checks while asleep. Everything went as planned and they absolutely LOVE their new home. They spend all day playing and moving around, swinging on the tires and splashing around in the water! When the second enclosure is ready later this month, they will have even more space.

Orangutan Outreach is grateful to all our generous supporters who help us help Noni & Dodo....

Thank you so much!  Rich  {:(|}  {:(|)   <-- Dodo & Noni

*Special thanks to Willemijn & Iing for the report and photos...

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