Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program (GPOCP)

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GPOCP logoOrangutan Outreach is proud to be collaborating with the Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program (GPOCP).

GPOCP works to conserve the approximately 5,000 orangutans living in the Gunung Palung National Park landscape through five main strategies:
1. Environmental Education and Conservation Awareness Campaign
2. Sustainable Livelihoods
3. Legal Forest Protection through Customary Forests
4. Wildlife Crime Monitoring and Investigation
5. Applied Conservation Research

GPOCP's Executive Director, Dr. Cheryl Knott, also leads a long-term orangutan research program inside Gunung Palung National Park. She and her team have been collecting data on the Park’s wild orangutan population for over 23 years.

GPOCP's dedicated Indonesian conservation staff work to educate children and adults about orangutans and the rainforest, raise awareness about conservation issues among local communities, and promote the adoption of sustainable, "forest-friendly" livelihoods, to reduce the rate of environmentally destructive activities such as illegal logging and poaching. GPOCP also lobbies for legal protection of key forest patches in the GP landscape, and investigates cases of orangutans being held as pets in villages around the National Park. Since 2004 we have reported over 150 such cases to local authorities, resulting in the safe rescue of the majority of these individuals.

GPOCP's longest-running program, Environmental Education, is perfectly in line with the mission of Orangutan Outreach. They reach over 4,000 people per year with high-quality educational activities and events, including in-class lectures and puppet shows, field trips, and film showings. In partnership with Orangutan Outreach and Orang Utan Republik Foundation, they facilitate the Bornean Orangutan Caring Scholarship, providing higher education to students who are motived to protect their environment, thus shaping Indonesia's future conservation leaders.

Visit the GPOCP website to learn more about their phenomenal work.

Check out our favorite "oldie but goodie" video, originally produced by the Gunung Palung National Park Authority (Balai Taman Nasional) in conjunction with Yayasan Palung, also known as the Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program (GPOCP). Gunung Palung is My Palace is a fun, educational video in which orangutan puppets teach us how real orangutans live in the forests of Gunung Palung National Park in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Orangutan Outreach is now funding outreach efforts in partnership with GPOCP. To support this valuable work, please make a donation today! Here are some ideas as to where your funds go:
$10: Classroom lecture and educational materials for 30 students
$25: Community meeting with our four sustainable livelihood artisan groups
$50: Monthly transportation costs for our Wildlife Crime investigator to gather evidence about orangutan poaching
$100: Field trip into Gunung Palung National Park for 25 students, during which they have the possibility of seeing wild orangutans, gibbons, and other amazing wildlife
$250: Monthly salary and benefits for one conservation team member
$750: One environmental education expedition to a remote region of Gunung Palung National Park, allowing us to teach over 600 people about orangutan and rainforest protection