Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF)

Orangutan Caring Scholarship Program


Orangutan Outreach is proud to be collaborating with Dr Gary Shapiro and the Orang Utan Republik Foundation to sponsor academic scholarships for Indonesian students pursuing degrees in biology, conservation and other orangutan-related fields. We have joined a growing list of participating orangutan conservation organizations in sponsoring several scholarships on an annual basis.

The Orangutan Caring Scholarship (OCS) was established in 2006 as a collaborative program of the Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF) and two Indonesian implementing organizations:  Yayasan Orangutan Sumatra Lestari-Orangutan Information Center or OIC on Sumatra and Yayasan Palung (YP) in West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo).

The purpose of the program is to award tuition funding to talented and needy Indonesian students on a competitive basis enabling them to attend university in the fields of Forestry, Biology and Veterinary Science. In addition to being able to attend university, scholarship recipients develop an understanding of the plight of the orangutan from the perspective of the nongovernmental organization. They graduate as advocates of orangutan conservation when entering the private, nonprofit or government workforce. The collaboration between OURF, OIC and YP has allowed this program to expand since its first award in 2006. OURF raises and provides the funding (with support from Orangutan Outreach!) and OIC and YP administers the actual competition via outreach to schools, evaluates submitted proposals, oversees the selection process, and manages funds to the recipients.

The OCS is open to Indonesian students in North Sumatra, Aceh & West Kalimantan seeking tuition funds for Forestry, Biology, or Veterinary School. One of the requirements of the applicant is to make an effective presentation to a review committee about their research plans. In addition, recipients are expected to work with the local NGOs in learning about the orangutan and its plight, and in helping present the information to students in local schools. Indonesian students wishing to obtain information about applying for the OCS should contact OIC at info@orangutancentre.org.

94 students have received the OCS since 2006. 52 students have already graduated and have obtained jobs or careers in the nonprofit sector or have continued their education. Current and previous recipients of the OCS are extremely grateful for this support. Click here if you would like to read a profile about each student (2006-2010) as they express their appreciation and aspirations. More testimonials and a full overview of each student is available here

The cost of administering one scholarship for (as of 2012) is approximately USD $1,500. That single scholarship allows a recipient to be able to pay for school tuition for four years as well as cover the costs of their research and the final write-up. Donations are fully tax-deductible.

We are thrilled that the scholarship program is now going strong in West Kalimantan, where Orangutan Outreach is helping our partner helping International Animal Rescue (IAR) build a new conservation and outreach center on their 60-acre orangutan rescue facility in the town of Ketapang. Anyone wishing to make a contribution can contact us to learn how to do so. The cost breakdown is as follows:

A four year scholarship = $1,500
Scholarship assistance for 1 year = $375
Scholarship assistance for 1 semester = $188

You can learn more about the Orangutan Caring Scholarship Fund on the Orang Utan Republik Foundation website. Thanks for your support!