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The Need for Speed

Speedy-Breedy at IAR

Dr. Ayu from IAR Ketapang has been testing the Speedy Breedy demo model.

Working with scientists and researchers from a company based in Cambridge, U.K., our partner OVAID was recently able to trial an innovative new small laboratory machine (microbiological respirometer) which proved to be a double first. Never previously used in veterinary work, the Speedy Breedy was used to diagnose infections in orangutans for the first time.

Small and easy to use, the Speedy Breedy proved reliable and robust. OVAID immediately realized its potential— that it would be invaluable in the field of orangutan conservation. An approach to the vets at the various centers Orangutan Outreach supports confirmed their initial thoughts and generated an enthusiastic response. Translation: Everyone wants a Speedy Breedy! (See testimonials below)

The Speedy Breedy retails for $5,000 per machine but we've been able to negotiate a special price of $3,000 per machine if we purchase five of them.

Meet the Speedy Breedy!

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The Need for Speed: Learn about our Speedy Breedy campaign:

OVAID and Orangutan Outreach are fundraising together to provide several orangutan rescue centers in Indonesia with a Speedy Breedy to help rapid laboratory diagnosis of disease in their orangutan. In simple terms the small bench-top machine acts as a mini laboratory and linked to a computer it measures pressure changes which can identify a number of different types of bacteria in samples of blood, feces and urine.

Very often samples taken in Indonesia have to be transported for long periods & distances to laboratories (frequently a flight or more away) and results are very varied, often inaccurate and sometimes false because transportation and or time delay has denatured the sample.

The Speedy Breedy can be used in both remote locations in the field (run from a car battery) and in the centers' laboratories— which will often avoid samples having to be sent away for analysis.

By providing these machines we will be able to equip major orangutan rescue centers across both Sumatra and Borneo and have a direct effect on the welfare of the majority of orangutans.

The ability to identify a bacterial infection early can often make the difference between life or death and the centers tell us these machines are urgently required. The following are direct testimonials from our partners at IAR, BOS and SOCP:

Speedy Breedy Testimonials

Fantastic! Thank you so much! This is brilliant. We are really grateful to you. We definitely want one if possible.
Karmele Llano Sánchez, BVSc, MSc
Program Director/ IAR Ketapang
Yayasan IAR Indonesia (International Animal Rescue)

We already used this machine and it gave a good result and worked very efficiently. We can save time getting results. In our experience this machine is very hand to carry, so we can bring it to the field and run the tests. Once again, we feel very positively about this machine, so we hope Mr. Speedy Breedy will soon be coming back to Medan.
Drh. Yenny Saraswati
Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP)

The machine sounds fantastic! Just before my leave I was compiling a budget for a small microbio lab at Samboja, and had offers from several companies for a similar machine. Those are quite expensive indeed! So definitely BOS Nyaru Mentang and Samboja Lestari will benefit greatly from having a donated Speedy Breedy for each center.
Drh. Fransiska Sulistyo
Coordinator for Animal Welfare and BMP
Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF)