Orangutan Release: FAQs

When did the recent cycle of BOS Nyaru Menteng releases start?

28 February 2012

What is the timeline going forward?

BOS hopes to have released 60-80 orangutans from Nyaru Metneng by the end of 2013.  They released 20 orangutans in February 2013.  The next group is scheduled to be released in June/July. Another group in August/September and a final group in October/November.  Each release group will total around 20 orangutans.
*All this is subject to change in the event of a funding shortfall, unsuitable weather conditions or the unavailability of key equipment such as helicopters.

How many orangutans have been released from Nyaru Menteng in the current release cycle?

As of February 2013 the total number = 64

What is the total number of orangutans expected to be released from Nyaru Menteng?

In coming years, BOS is hoping to release at least another 500 orangutans from Nyaru Menteng. This number could change due to any number of unforeseen issues. There are currently approximately 570 being cared for at the center.  

What about the other orangutans-- those who are not going to be able to be released?

There are several dozen unreleasable orangutans now being cared for at Nyaru Menteng. They are ill, maimed, blind or have not faired well in rehabilitation due to over-exposure to humans. These orangutans will need to be cared for in a permanent sanctuary for the duration of their lives. Orangutans can live into their 50s.