Toronto Zookeepers adopt Gober & the Twins!

Gober dan kedua bayinya sebelum operasi katarak

14 Jan 2014 -- The Toronto Zoo recently had a special event to help bring attention to the plight of wild orangutans. The event featured a video showing updates on Tripa from Dr Ian Singleton from the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP). Volunteers were on hand to answer questions about the Toronto Zoo's amazing Sumatran orangutans and talk about how Palm Oil is linked to deforestation of Orangutan habitat.

There was a silent auction with prizes from the Body Shop and a behind-the-scenes tour with zoo animals and a tree-top trekking adventure. The zoo also sold art by one of their keepers and had a photo op with an eerily lifelike baby orangutan doll called Umi.

Altogether the Zoo raised just under $3000 (Canadian dollars). Money Raised was allocated to Orangutan Outreach, the Sumatran Orangutan Society and the Center for Great Apes. The Orangutan Outreach funds have been distributed to SOCP, with whom we are working to create a new sanctuary for sick and disabled Sumatran orangutans. Learn more about the Orangutan Haven and Earth 4 Orangutans project.

Thanks to all our friends at the Toronto Zoo for their support.... {:(|}