Cinta: May 2015


Cinta is progressing well and is now growing very active. Apart from climbing trees, Cinta loves to play on the swings. She has grown much heavier and stronger and her hair has also grown thicker.

Cinta no longer feels lonely, following a split from her former best friends, Jumbo and Obama. She now has a new friend in a little female called Liti. The two spend the whole day playing on the swings, climbing trees and eating fruits together. It seems they are inseparable; wherever Cinta goes Liti follows.

Cinta often gets stuck when playing on the swings. If she has trouble finding her way down, she makes a kiss-squeak call for help from babysitters.

She has grown up a lot these past few months and is much more self-confident. Now when meeting somebody for the first time, Cinta is not shy to make an approach like before. But she is still picky about who her babysitter is. Whenever she sees a babysitter she does not know well, she shows her displeasure with a kiss-squeak.

Cinta spends most of her time climbing trees with Liti. Together they are the last two to drink their milk. Only after their peers have finished their milk will Cinta and Liti come down to get theirs. Both orangutans are very healthy and it is delightful to see them grow and flourish in their new friendship. Well done girls! Someday these beautiful little BFFs will be raising children of their own in the forest!