Cinta: Spring 2020

Rehabilitation Center: BOS Nyaru Menteng
Arrival date: February 14, 2013
Age on arrival: 3-5 months
Current age: 7+ years
Gender: Female
Current location: Socialization Complex INFO 2 (females)
Health status: Healthy

Our enrichment team conducts routine monthly inspections on the enrichments in our orangutan complexes, to check that they are still in good working order. For the most part, only a few bolts need to be tightened here and there. However, a certain amount of damage is usually discovered in the Information Complex, which is inhabited by six female orangutans.

The most frequent damage found is punctures or tears to the rubber tyre swings. These usually require only minimal repairs; but at other times, a complete replacement of enrichment structures is necessary. When enrichments are damaged beyond repair, there is usually one key suspect: our gorgeous, restless girl, Cinta.

On any given day, you can find Cinta dangling and performing one of her many acts on the rubber enrichments. She even likes to chew on them, and will swing on the rubber ropes as though they are forest lianas. This naturally attracts the other five orangutans in her enclosure, who will follow suit and create quite the commotion together!

Our technicians make the rounds to distribute enrichment in the afternoons, including in the Information Complex. Enrichment not only keeps orangutans engaged, busy, and practicing their skills, but also cut down the level of excess noise made by the more active individuals in the complex, as they stop everything they are doing to interact with the enrichment.

When all the orangutans are preoccupied with their enrichment, it is the perfect time for our enrichment team to enter the complex to make repairs to the damaged structures. And every time, it feels like a race against time! The team must quickly finish the work before Cinta and her peers are done with their enrichment.

Make it snappy, team!


Cinta has been alone in the socialization complex this month, after the other members of her complex were moved to a pre-release island to begin the final stage of rehabilitation. Unfortunately, Cinta has to wait for some of the more senior orangutans residing on the pre-release islands to be released in the forest before she can get her chance on an island. Being on her own, however, has not made the complex quiet, as Cinta is still as enthusiastic and active as ever!

Without competitors, Cinta is now completely free to move around and explore every corner of the complex, and engage with all the enrichment in her own time. The location of Cinta's complex, as the closest enclosure to the enrichment station, also means that she is first orangutan to receive daily enrichment tools. Her favorite enrichment is the popcorn-filled ball.

The popcorn-filled enrichment tool is a ball that resembles a variety of white mushroom found in the forest. The enrichment technicians usually hang these balls up high, to familiarize orangutans with where to find them growing on trees. Cinta loves to rotate this enrichment ball until the opening faces downwards and the popcorn tumbles out. She sometimes uses small twigs to retrieve the remaining pieces of popcorn from inside the ball.

Being alone in an empty space hasn’t stopped Cinta from developing her skills. On the contrary, she seems to gaining even more skills and learning how to problem-solve. What a smart girl!