Gatot: Fall 2018

Gatot is one of our smartest babies now in forest school. He always hangs out with his best friend Paijo, and they spend all day playing in the trees together. We rarely see them on the ground which is a very good sign that his rehabilitation will go well! This pair really likes to explore the forest, so sometimes it can be difficult to find them to bring them in for the night! Every day when baby school finishes, the orangutan babysitters have to walk around to find Gatot and Paijo. They are usually playing a bit far away from the group.

Gatot is not overly dependent on people, and prefers to play with other orangutans rather than his caregivers— another good sign that he is developing the skills he needs to survive. He is already very adept at finding his own food in the forest, which is a good thing since Gatot eats a lot! He can drink 2 bottles of milk and eat a whole bowl of veggies mixed with porridge all by himself. He’s growing up so fast! He is already bigger than some of the older orangutans he lives with. These are all good indicators in terms of Gatot's overall rehabilitation and potential for release in the future. Keep up the great work, little guy!