Gatot: Fall 2021


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Gatot continues to be one of the most active orangutan on "Monkey island". He is mischievous by nature and just loves to be around other orangutans. He is always getting himself into trouble during his forest school time. Indeed, one cannot say that Gatot's life is boring! When other orangutans want to rest on the ground or to take a nap during the day high up in the trees, rambunctious little Gatot is right there— a ball of energy, disturbing everyone around him... and persuading his friends — who are not always so willing — to play and wrestle. If he is unsuccessful in engaging his buddies to play, Gatot will usually just play by himself, rolling on the ground and swinging between the trees. When he finally gets tired, he will scamper up a tree and rest... hanging on a branch and often gazing at the view from above.

Although Gatot is quite capable of building a new nest from scratch, he can also be a bit lazy.. preferring instead to spruce up his old nests to sleep. On the other hand, he does not waste any time or effort when it comes to searching for forest fruits. He is very eager in his natural food foraging and spends a lot of his time and energy searching and feeding on forest fruits.

Gatot has been given a clean bill of health and continues to flourish. His playful personality always shines through. If he keeps on this positive trajectory, he will eventually be a perfect candidate for reintroduction into Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park. Keep up the great work, Gatot! 🙂