Gatot: Spring 2019

Gatot is still thriving in Forest School. For such a young orangutan (estimated at 3 years old) he is very intelligent, an excellent forager and has already mastered the art of nest making. He is very gregarious and loves to socialize with all seven of the other orangutans in forest school, particularly Paijo, his long-term buddy. They are often seen playing and foraging together high in the canopy. He really is a great little representative for successful rehabilitation teachings.

Gatot can be a handful when it comes to ‘home time’, which is to say, when he has to return to the socialization cages to sleep. If an orangutan chooses to sleep in their nest in the forest rather than return to the cages, we are usually ecstatic and welcome this with open arms. Gatot has tried multiple times to undertake this task only to return to the sleep cages in the middle of the night. Thankfully, as we have on-call staff, they are at the ready to open his cage for him to climb in and settle back down to sleep with his cage buddies. Maybe in a few more months, he will be ready— and brave enough!— to sleep through the night in the forest. Keep up the outstanding work, little guy! 🙂