Gober and The Twins: December 2013

Gober and the twins, Ganteng and Ginteng, are doing so well. The twins are getting much bigger and they continue swinging around their mama like two little red satellites!  Gober's positive response to cataract surgery means she has a good proportion of her sight restored. This is incredibly important because she will hopefully be able to be released back into the wild-- along with the twins, in early 2014. Gober is a very attentive mother and it will be a great privilege to be able to return her to the forest so she can live out the rest of her life in the wild while raising her twins as wild orangutans-- teaching them how to make day and night nests, forage for termites and which trees have the best fruit! In the mean time she continues to be a fantastic ambassador for Earth 4 Orangutans. The Orangutan Haven project recently got a nice boost on Crowdrise.