Gober & The Twins: Spring 2014

Gober & The Twins Spring 2014
Gober and her twins are continuing to do well. Now that the twins are growing and becoming more independent, Gober finally has a chance to be a little more freed up to relax and have some alone time. She is very healthy and has not been ill.

Gober has gotten used to being more patient when it comes to feeding time. She allows the twins to grab some food before she comes down to eat. Most of the time her daughter 'Ginting' will share her food with Gober so she can also learn how to eat different items that require some skill to properly open, like sugar cane and different species of browse. Ganteng tends to keep it all to himself. Boys will be boys...

Every night new leaf material is given to the group to encourage them to make a nest. Both the twins will make small nests but still sleep with Gober in her main nest. She has been showing them how to make several nests throughout the day, especially the craft of using the twigs to intertwine and give them the strength for when they go up in the trees some day.

Gober's favorite food is paw paw and sweet potato. She often leaves these itms til the end of her meal and enjoys them peacefully-- with the twins at times coming to check in on what she is doing.

Keepers from Jersey Zoo in the UK recently spent two weeks at the SOCP quarantine and have been helping with Gober and the twins' training program – teaching them to shift into a small cage in preparation for transport. It has been difficult for Gober to shift. This will eventually become achievable with the keepers participating in the same routine everyday. The keepers are also working on natural enrichment items-- like honey logs-- to encourage them to use tools to find termites in rotten logs laying around the forest center. This will all help them transition back to the wild.

Its not long now before Gober is released back to the wild with her twins. We don't have a final date set, but we have decided to prepare them for a life back in the wild rather than captivity. Gober is a wild female orangutan and her twins are also scared of humans. This is the best hope we have to ensure she continues to be a fantastic mother, teacher and role model for her offspring.

We will know more about her release when we have out next update!