JoJo: Fall 2020

JoJo is currently in the main social cage area (SOS), which he shares with three other handsome cheekpadders: Raja, Monte and Jimo. While they do not have physical contact with one another, they are very aware of each other and certainly smell one another... and all the big boys smell— and sometimes even see— the girls in the adjacent area!

Don't be fooled by his size! JoJo is actually a very shy and calm orangutan. He usually even ‘blushes’ when he is noticed and looks away when a human looks in his direction.

The most anxious time of day for an orangutan at the center is when the keepers clean the cages. JoJo just calmly sits still and observes the work being done — no doubt thinking about how he might get his hands on the hose!

JoJo is an excellent and active climber. He likes to enjoy his food from the top of his cage, so he usually grabs all his food and climbs up to enjoy it in peace up there.

Being an introvert, JoJo spends a lot of time enjoying the various enrichments provided from his keepers and caregivers. One of his favorites is a burlap sack filled with coconut shoots. He also likes the wooded 'puzzle' filled with nuts or wheat, which he totally solves, usually finishing with all the seeds in 10 to 15 minutes.