JoJo: Fall 2021


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Jojo is currently being prepared by the medical team and animal keepers for his ‘big move’ to the larger enclosure that is currently under construction. Jojo is still very active in his cage and eats voraciously. He is not picky and always eats whatever food the animal keepers put inside his cage. He also loves his daily enrichment and, with his super orangutan strength, he always manages to finish his challenges quickly.

No one can deny that Jojo is a very smart, relaxed, easy going and friendly orangutan under our care. If he ever has a minor cut or wound, he will promptly show it to the medical team. This makes it much easier for the medical team to treat him and make sure he stays healthy.

Jojo recently underwent a full medical examination and was declared 'healthy' by the team. The medical team also took the opportunity to trim his long dreads and some of the extra hair around his face, so he is even more handsome than before.

Hubba, hubba, JoJo! 🙂