JoJo: Spring 2021

Jojo continues to ‘separately’ share one of the large four adjoining social cages with fellow cheekpadders Raja, Monte and Jimo. Usually an avid climber taking his enrichments and food to the top section (near the roof) of his cage, lately JoJo has preferred to spend most of his active time in the lower level of his cage, near the ground.

Even though his preference is to predominately occupy the lower down sections of his cage, he is still super curious, actively playing with all his daily enrichment. His favorite past-time is hiding an entire coconut inside a burlap sack and then, with his muscles, swiftly cracking it open to expose all the goodness that he loves so much.

JoJo also enjoys his ‘creature comforts’ such as constructing elaborate nests from the provided leaves and branches— guaranteeing a comfortable afternoon nap or evening sleep.

JoJo will eventually have access to a giant, forested enclosure. Construction continues, albeit at a slower pace, during the pandemic... so it's just a matter of time!