Krismon: Fall 2020

Much to our surprise, Krismon has not shown any interest in the orangutan next to his cage. He still spends a lot of time sitting up on his platform and only comes down to enjoy food during feeding time. Sometimes he will take the food to the platform and eat it there.

He will always consume all food provided to him no matter how much it is! At first we thought maybe we weren't giving him enough so his portions were increased. However, we soon learned that no matter how much was added he just took it all!

Considering that he is not very active physically it was recommended by the vets this his portion size be returned to normal. He has been healthy since the last update.

Krismon sometimes gets angry— for instance when there is loud construction work nearby— but instead of banging on the cage like other orangutans sometimes do, he usually just rocks his body. He will do this for a few minutes before calming down.

We are all very excited that as soon as the covid pandemic is behind us, the Orangutan Haven will be able to accept its first residents— including Krismon! Hang in there, buddy!