Krismon: Spring 2020

Background and current position

Krismon, an adult male Sumatran orangutan, was thought to be about 20 years old when confiscated from a house in Kabanjahe, North Sumatra. He arrived in the SOCP Quarantine and Rehabilitation Center in May 2016. Krismon is not able to released back into the wild and therefore will be moved to SOCP's new Orangutan Haven once ready.

Behavior and health

Krismon's behavior is similar to the last update period. He still prefers to eat vegetables to fruit. In February the vet team conducted their annual medical check-up for all the unreleasable orangutans. Overall, Krismon is in good shape physically but an age-related problem with his teeth was diagnosed. There is no specific treatment advised but the keepers will supply Krismon leaves to help with natural cleaning of his teeth.

As Krismon is now relaxed around the keepers, we hope that this bodes well for his adaptation once moved to the Orangutan Haven. Out of all the big, adult males that will be transferred to the Orangutan Haven, Krismon is the friendliest. This does not mean, however, that we can approach or touch him. He is not tame! If he does not feel comfortable with people, he will stay away from them but he generally does not show aggressive behavior such as banging on the cage like some other orangutans do.

Upcoming plans

We need to make sure Krismon feels even more relaxed than he already does in order to make his future move to the Orangutan Haven as smooth as possible. Therefore, if something needs to be done around his cage, for example, like repairs that might be noisy we will ensure he is approached slowly and play with him awhile before starting the repairs.