Megaloman: Fall 2020

The COVID pandemic has caused major changes at the care center. Forest School cannot run as usual in order to allow for minimal contact between staff and the orangutans. This is absolutely critical to ensure safety at this difficult time. While it is still unknown if orangutans are susceptible to Covid-19, we suspect that it is, so we are taking maximum health and safety precautions.

Unfortunately for Megaloman this means that he hasn't had much time for outside activity in Forest School all summer. He remains in the same group as the last update.

In the cage he doesn't really socialize with other members of his group. He is more interested in interacting with the keepers than the other orangutans. During feeding time, Megaloman will take as much food as he can possibly hold and even put some in his mouth! Then he will stay away from the others to enjoy his food alone.

He is quite good at using leaves as an enrichment activity, as if he is trying to make a nest. However, he just does it for a short time before destroying his newly created nest and playing with the leaves. He also uses the twigs to take food or other enrichment objects that are just out of reach.

Although Megaloman is not spending much time socializing with his cage mates he is quite good at being ‘part of the team’. Megaloman is never bullied by dominant orangutans and he is never seen attacking other orangutans either. He seems to get along with everyone!

Hang in there, Mega! Once this pandemic is over you'll be back in the trees!