Megaloman: Spring 2017

Megaloman is living in SOCP's infant orangutan socialization cage and he is one of the most social of the bunch. He can often be seen hugging the younger orangutans. His best friend is a little guy named Iben and the two of them like to spend their days swinging around, wrestling and playing games with their enrichment.

Megaloman has also been seen indirectly teaching the others— especially the new arrivals. They like to watch him construct nests with the enrichment materials (leaves and branches) that are given to the orangutans every day. This is a very useful skill to learn for later— when they return to a life in the wild.

Like most orangutans, Megaloman also likes to make a bit of a mess. He frequently pulls on the water hose when the keepers are cleaning the facility. He also is quite fond of hosing down the staff with his own brand of yellow tinged water. Go Mega! {;(|}