Nadya: Fall 2017

Nadya is a female orangutan who arrived as a 1.5 to 2-year-old infant at the SOCP Quarantine and Rehabilitation Center on 3 June 2014. Nadya was confiscated from the illegal pet trade by the conservation authorities in South Aceh Regency.

At present Nadya is in one of the large socialization groups at the quarantine, where she can often be seen playing with her friend Bulan.

Nadya’s behavior is what we consider ‘half wild’, in that she is not comfortable with close proximity to humans. This is actually a beneficial trait to retain, as it will make for a more rapid rehabilitation and reintroduction to the wild later. However, when brought out to forest school she can climb trees and move from one to the next with ease. For the time being, though, she is not often taken out, as with her adverse behavior towards the keepers there is some concern that she may not want to come down!

She is still continuing to learn and develop her skills, with the quarantine staff providing her and her cagemates with environmental enrichment on a regular basis. Nadya has also been observed building her own nests with the branches and leaves given to the orangutans each day, another skill that she will definitely need in the Reintroduction forest at Jantho!

While Nadya is not accustomed to people she has good social interactions with other orangutans. An orangutan named Bulan has been her best friend from the first time they met.

Up to now Nadya has never had serious health problem. Due to her being unaccustomed to people, we do not have regular bodyweight records as we do for the other orangutans. She consistently avoids the staff when they come around to do the routine weighing of the orangutans at the quarantine. However her body score condition appears completely normal and she is not thin or overweight.

Nadya is a good candidate for a more complex forest school setting (i.e larger area, higher and bigger trees, more variety on plant species and forest fruits). The new larger forest school being built on newly acquired land adjacent to quarantine will enable her to learn more forest survival skills and will allow the staff to better assess whether she is ready to be released. We just have to be doubly sure to keep an eye on her when she's out!