Nadya: Spring 2017

Nadya is being cared for in one of SOCP's medium-sized orangutan socialization cages, where she is one of the more dominant personalities of the group.

Nadya has a tendency to go after the foods she really likes, even when they are already in the hands of one of her friends. She also makes a lot of vocalizations and acts up whenever there are keepers around, and has been known from time to time to spit at them. This aversion to people, while messy at times, is actually a very good sign that she is still largely 'wild'.

Although tragic that she was taken from her mother and her original forest home, this is the sort of behavior we hope to see in young orangutans, as it indicates the possibility of an accelerated track of rehabilitation and reintroduction back to the forest. So, an orangutan like Nadya should have a good chance of being taken back to the forest for the final stages of her rehabilitation....