Topan: Fall 2018

Rehabilitation Centre : BOS Nyaru Menteng
Arrival Date : October 13, 2017
Age on Arrival : 8 Months
Current Age : 1.5 years
Previous Location : Nursery Group
Current Location : Nursery Group
Gender : Female
Health Status : Healthy

The memory of tiny baby orangutan Topan, who survived despite her poor condition and the terrible trauma she suffered, is etched in our minds forever. A year has passed since we rescued little Topan, and she has made wonderful progress in that time.

Topan has gained more than ten pounds and even grown a couple of inches since she arrived at the rehabilitation center 12 months ago. She fell ill with influenza and fever last month, however, which saw her lose her appetite and caused her to lose a bit of the weight she had previously gained. She had to undergo three days of intensive treatment at the veterinary clinic, and received an IV drip. This meant she missed some of her Forest School training, yet once she had recovered and returned to her Small Nursery Group, Topan quickly bounced back to her old self.

Topan is the most active member of her group. She can easily scale a 50-foot-tall rengas tree. She happily plays in the canopy, and tries to build nests using forest materials. The rengas tree, which has a relatively slim trunk, is a good training tree for young orangutans like Topan to help hone their climbing skills.

When she gets tired and needs a rest from her activities, Topan will plonk herself into a hammock for a well-deserved rest. On one particular occasion, when she was completely exhausted from a morning of discovery, she fell into a deep sleep in a hammock. At 3 p.m., when Topan was due to return to the complex with her peers, she got left behind as she was still fast asleep in the hammock! A babysitter ended up carrying her back to the complex – in the hammock, still fast asleep!

Topan continues to amaze us with her incredible progress at the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Center. We will continue to guide her as she hones her survival skills, and we look forward to the day when we can see her living truly free in the wild!

More photos coming soon! Stay tuned for Orangutan Jungle School!