Video: Sumatran Orangutans Molika, Mega, Allysa & Siga Move to the Forest

Orangutan Outreach is incredibly proud to have supported Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) for nearly a decade! SOCP’s work to rescue, care for, rehabilitate and release orangutans back to the forests of Sumatra is extraordinary. Their unique method of acclimating orangutans to the forest before release sets the precious apes up for success.

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This video shows an exciting time for orangutans Molika, Megaloman, Allysa and Siga. On November 3, 2022 they headed off to SOCP's Jantho Orangutan Reintroduction Center for the final stage of their rehabilitation! Molika and Mega are part of the Orangutan Outreach adoption program and we've been sharing their stories with you for years. Funds from symbolic adoptions of orangutans under the care of SOCP are used to cover costs at the SOCP quarantine and care center, as well as SOCP’s new Orangutan Haven facility.

Join us in celebrating that these amazing orangutans have reached the final stage of their journey back to the forest. They will soon be wild and free in the forest where they belong!


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