Background Story

Covita was being kept illegally as a pet in a small wooden crate in a remote rural village in West Kalimantan. Thankfully, she was rescued on August 29, 2020. According to the man keeping Covita, he had found the little orangutan while working in the forest. She had an injury to her right leg, which may have been caused when she was removed from her mother. The man took Covita home where he kept her chained up. She was fed rice, cashew nuts, sugary water and sweet condensed milk. Upon her rescue, Covita was estimated to be about 2½ years old. This precious girl was taken to the International Animal Rescue (IAR) Orangutan Rehabilitation Center. She completed quarantine for eight weeks where she underwent thorough medical examinations.

Covita Today

Covita is lovingly cared for at IAR's Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Ketapang, West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). Covita enjoys socializing with other orangutans her age, and this clever girl is very active in finding forest fruit by herself. This sweetie is courageous and loves to explore. Covita is now living on a rehabilitation island on the grounds of the IAR orangutan center where she is learning all the skills she needs. Best of all – she has an orangutan foster mother named Paini! You can follow her progress with a symbolic adoption.

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