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GokongDue to an increase in deforestation and expansion of oil palm plantations into previously forested areas, the SOCP Quarantine Center is receiving increasing numbers of orphaned babies under the age of 3 — and they all need 24-hour attention and care.

The Baby House is a place where the SOCP staff is able to give special attention to these young infants and teach them how to climb, build nests, feed independently and socialize with other orangutans. At night they sleep in hammocks, which mimic a nest, so they are used to what conditions are like in a real nest, off the ground and in the trees.

Once the orangutans are a bit older and more independent, they will be moved as a group to the socialization cages, where they enter the next stage of development.


Siboy: (1 yr) – Came from Rawa Singkil, Aceh in April 2014
Gokong: (3 yrs) – Came from Aceh in 2013
Mendebu: (4 yrs) – Came from Mendebu village in Kutacane, Aceh in January 2014
Megaloman: (2 mo) – Came from Kuatcane, Aceh in May 2014
Genung: (4 yrs) – Came from Genung Jaya village in Aceh in May 2014

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