Purses for Primates & Antiques for Apes

Purses for Primates and Antiques for Apes are long-time supporter Allie Boyer's latest ventures to raise funds for her favorite red apes.

With Purses for Primates, Allie is asking people to donate gently used purses, jewelry and scarves to sell at purse parties. All proceeds will be donated to Orangutan Outreach. Allie has raised several thousand dollars as she's continued to help spread the word about the need to protect orangutans in the wild and save their forest home.

Antiques for Apes is being handles via eBay and the list of items for sale can be found here.

Here's a bit about Antiques for Apes & Purse for Primates in Allie's own words:

"A few years ago I started a non profit group called purses for primates. I collect gently used purses, scarves and jewelry to resell at purse parties. 100% of the money made goes to the orangutans. When a family friend learned about my cause, he donated an estate of antiques to me to sell for the benefit of the orangutans. Byron, (the family friend) worked on helicopters when he was in the Vietnam war. He was exposed to agent orange and was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's. For years he has collected antiques at yard sales. Byron donated all of the antiques to my cause. Antiques for Apes was created. I have been selling the antiques on eBay, and I have raised about $1,500. With purses for primates I have raised over $3,000. I have had two purse parties with the Sacramento Zoo, and at both events I had great success! The Sacramento Zoo has been a huge help by letting me have some of my events there. Another zoo that was a huge help was the Brookfield Zoo, in Illinois. They collected over 400 purses for me, and donated them to my cause. I am very grateful that they did so much! I will continue to have purse parties, sell antiques on eBay and at yard sales to raise money for the orangutans."

Allie's events are held in Northern California and her whole family helps out! She's been so successful that she caught the attention of several other Orangutan Outreach supporters! A few of them have been so impressed by Allie's dedication and tenacity that they have been sending her purses and jewelry to sell at her Purses for Primates events. At her biggest event, Allie had more than 200 purses and was able to add a few surprises, including a signed purse from none other than orangutan-lover BETTY WHITE, a ton of awesome costume jewelry and several high-end pieces, including a Tiffany & Co. necklace and a ring from Cartier!

Allie's Purses for Primates is really starting to take off and is now also on eBay! Stay tuned for more info on Allie's exciting new venture!

Special thanks to Allie's awesome family for supporting her at every stage of the event!  And to everyone who came to the party and supported Allie and the orangutans!

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Allie! You are a true Orangutan Champion! {:(|}

Check out Allie's new website: http://pursesforprimates.com/
Allie & Purses for Primates now has a Facebook group, too!

If you would like to donate a purse or item to Allie's Purses for Primates, please mail your items to:

Allie Boyer
PO Box 6153
Chico, CA 95927