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How can we make a difference?

We must demand that any of our favorite products which currently contain palm oil be switched to alternative ingredients. In order to do this Orangutan Outreach needs help to find out which products in the USA contain palm oil. This is where your help is so badly needed. Please help us find products in the supermarket and other shops that contain palm oil and tell us about it. Go to your shop and look at product like ice cream, milk, yoghurt, chocolate, cookies, cakes, margarine, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, detergents and cosmetics... and see if there is any mention that the product contains palm oil. Chances are they do! If you find products that contain "vegetable oil" and you suspect that it may be palm oil, call the producer and ask them directly.

Possible actions

  • Start a campaign at work or in your school (e.g. to collect money to adopt an orangutan)
  • Call your local newspaper or radio station and tell them about the disastrous situation in Borneo
  • Draw the attention of friends and relatives to this situation and encourage them to change it
  • Link to us from your homepage. The address of this site is:
  • Contact us and we'll help you get started!


All of the materials below are yours to download and use to help raise awareness of the crisis facing wild orangutans. Just click on the image to download the FULL_SIZE PDF onto your desktop. We will be constantly updating this section, so keep checking back!


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