Leave a Legacy for the Orangutans

Make a Gift in Your Estate Plan

Making a bequest to Orangutan Outreach is a simple way to leave a lasting legacy. You can make a gift of cash or securities in your Will or Living Trust, and this type of charitable bequest is fully deductible for estate tax purposes. You may make a gift of a fixed dollar amount or percentage of your estate or designate Orangutan Outreach as a residuary beneficiary of your estate.

Orangutan Outreach is a registered 501(c)(3) US charity.
EIN: 26-0521285

Sample bequest language:

"I give to Orangutan Outreach, a New York not-for-profit corporation, at P.O. Box 833, Hudson, NY 12534, [the sum of $_____________ or percentage of the estate], to be applied in its discretion for its general uses and purposes."

Designate Orangutan Outreach as a Beneficiary of Your Retirement Account

Designating us as a beneficiary of all or a portion of your 401k, IRA or other retirement plan account can be beneficial to your heirs as well as Orangutan Outreach. Because a charitable organization like Orangutan Outreach is tax-exempt, when you name us as beneficiary, the gift will not be subject to estate tax or income tax. Using a retirement account to make a gift to Orangutan Outreach also frees up other assets that may not be subject to such undesirable tax consequences to leave for children and other family members.

Orangutan Outreach aims to provide knowledge, expertise and equipment where the need is greatest. We do this not only by expanding the charity but also by expanding our collaboration with local communities, governments and companies. Collaboration guarantees understanding and co-operation.

Sustainability means freedom – freedom from suffering and persecution of the orangutans and more importantly, freedom for us to make a difference to the lives of thousands of orangutans.

As we look ahead, we know that there will be many orangutans— most likely more than one hundred individuals!— who will not be able to be released into the forest due to health or fitness reasons. These gentle souls will need permanent sanctuary care for the duration of their lives. And orangutans can live into their 50s, so we need to be thinking long term. Our goal is to make sure these special individuals can lead lives of quiet dignity, free from fear and humans who wish them ill will. Sanctuary spaces will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and maintain.

A gift in your will promised now can help sustain the orangutans' future...

If you are considering leaving Orangutan Outreach a legacy, please contact us.

Thank you so much for considering the orangutans in your legacy...

Richard Zimmerman
Executive Director
Orangutan Outreach

The photo above is of Manisha and her baby son, Meteor. Theirs is a true success story! Manisha was rescued as a youngster in 2000 and then spent almost 14 years under the care of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF). She was released to Bukit Batikap Forest in 2013 as a truly rehabilitated orangutan. Beautifully and remarkably, Manisha became a marvelous mother! In August 2018, Meteor arrived, born wild and free. Manisha is an attentive, protective, excellent mother. She provides her baby with everything she did not have. Manisha and Meteor are a shining example of the perfect orangutan mother-child relationship! THIS is what your donations and legacy gifts support!