BOS Foundation: Meet Baby Niniek and her Friends

Monyo (left) and Niniek spendign some quality time in the hammock.
Niniek learning to climb!
Monyo (l) and Niniek hangin out in Baby School

Date Posted: July 5, 2021

Text by: BOSF Communication Team in Nyaru Menteng, Central Kalimantan

Niniek was rescued in the village of Kuala Kurun of the Gunung Mas Regency, Central Kalimantan, in November 2019. She was only about two months old at the time and weighed just two kilograms. Niniek was allegedly found by a local villager, alone and stranded near a sand-mining area. She was then handed over to a joint team from the BOS Foundation’s Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and the Central Kalimantan BKSDA.

During her 3-month quarantine period at Nyaru Menteng, alongside Monyo and Hanua, Niniek displayed more independent behavior than her peers, as she did not rely as much on the surrogate mothers. She enjoyed playing alone and showed little fear; in contrast to most baby orangutans who arrive at our centers in a traumatized state.

After completing quarantine Niniek joined the Nursery’s Small Group, for the youngest orangutans at the rehabilitation centre. This group has its own Forest School location, separate to the areas that older groups occupy. This is where Niniek began learning the basics of forest survival, and worked on skills like tree climbing and brachiating. On her first day of Forest School, Niniek appeared to be a bit unsure about her new environment.

Over time, Niniek has become a more confident and playful baby orangutan. She now possesses good climbing skills and enjoys playing with other orangutans in tall trees. She is friendly with other orangutans and has been spending time with Jeni, Alexander, and Monyo. She also likes to hang around Monita and Christina, two of the older orangutans in the Nursery.

Milk is Niniek's favorite food, as well as bananas and oranges. She recently discovered a new favorite food: jelutong sap, which was introduced to her by a surrogate mother. Jelutong (Dyera costulata) is a tropical tree that can be tapped for latex; which is used in the production of rubber, paint and varnish, glue, and chewing gum. Local people use jelutong sap as an adhesive in boat making and hand crafting.

Based on Niniek's progress thus far, we believe she will sail through every stage of Forest School and hone all the survival skills required to qualify her for release in the wild someday.

Keep on learning throughout the rehabilitation process, Niniek, until you are ready to return to the forest!

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