BOS Nyaru Menteng: One Week Post-Rescue, Babies Alejandra And Rachel Are Doing Well

December 29, 2017 — We are happy to report that the two female baby orangutans rescued last weekend by the BOS Nyaru Menteng team are gaining strength and recovering well.


Alejandra was rescued on December 22, and came to the center a bit weak; however, medical examinations determined she was actually in good health. At approximately 3-4 months old, Alejandra was unable to sit, but is now learning to sit properly under the help and care of a babysitter. She looks happier, and has begun to adjust to her new surroundings and to our babysitters. Now weighing 2.5 kg, Alejandra loves drinking milk, and has started eating soft fruits to increase her nutritional intake.


The following day (December 23), another baby orangutan was handed over by a local villager, not far from where Alejandra was rescued. Rachel was brought to Nyaru Menteng in a wooden box, and upon her arrival was slightly intimidated by new faces. However, over the past week Rachel has adjusted very well and is now interacting positively with her substitute mother – one of the BOS center's dedicated babysitters. Estimated at around 12-18 months old, Rachel weighs 8.3 kg and loves fruit and milk. She has already tried some of the enrichments on offer in the baby house, and even enjoys climbing trees of a certain height.

Alejandra and Rachel are the 23rd and 24th babies currently being cared for in the BOSF Nyaru Menteng baby house. Both babies will undergo a 2-month quarantine period prior to joining the nursery group. Thanks to the dedication and loving care provided by the Nyaru Menteng team, Alejandra and Rachel are now starting to build confidence, and are on the road to recovery.

We have high hopes these two babies will pass quarantine, and soon join all the other babies in the nursery group. We’ll help you get there, girls!

Text by: BOS Foundation Communications Team

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