COP Academy: The Future Faces of Orangutan Conservation


Orangutan Outreach is extremely proud to announce our newest project with the Center for Orangutan Protection: COP Academy!

COP Academy is an extension of COP School, which was aimed at raising awareness among young conservationists and environmental activists in Indonesia. 400 students have graduated from COP School since 2011. Orangutan Outreach was proud to be the first donor to the COP School! Many of the COP School graduates now work in social and conservation programs across Indonesia and they have developed effective personal networks.

Alumni of COP School were invited to apply for COP Academy, an exciting venture that will work with a motivated group of young activists. It is rewarding to see that many of the kids who attended COP School have grown up and continued the tradition of protecting orangutans and their forest home! We can’t wait to see what the COP Academy graduates will do!

From over 50 applicants, the COP team selected 14 participants to take part in the 2022 COP Academy. The training was held in Yogyakarta City (Java) 16-20 May 2022. This program combined class materials and practical materials from experts related to nature and animal conservation. COP's senior staff provided the training material, building up new conservation leaders, and strengthening COP's work. The days at COP academy included activities to build team work and cooperation, which are vital for anyone working with COP.

The COP team trained the participants with theory, practice, and games while assessing their characters and mindset. After the class sessions, each student was interviewed one by one to explore their passion and skills. It will now be decided in which COP team each student will best fit. Currently, COP is completing internal discussion to decide where to assign the participants in a way that will strengthen the teams in the field. We are very pleased that some participants show their interest to be rangers at orangutan release sites!

COP Executive Director, Daniek Hendarto, stated “The results of this training are expected to get a generation of great nature and animal conservationists who will be deployed directly to COP work units in Kalimantan, Java and Sumatra. Thank you to Orangutan Outreach for supporting this activity and we hope that COP Academy graduates will become strong pioneers for the animal conservation movement in Indonesia.”

Orangutan Outreach is thrilled that a new group of activists will grow out of COP Academy and they will continue to support conservation in Indonesia. Assignments will be announced on June 1st, 2022. We are excited to bring you updates on each of the students’ future work!

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