Background Story

Janet was rescued from a villager who claimed he found her on a plantation and that she was bitten by one of the villager's dogs. The little orangutan was just a few months old and the villager decided to keep her. Janet was used as social media content on YouTube and she was treated like a human baby. On arrival at the rehabilitation center, Janet would only eat rice. It was clear she did not have proper nutrition in the past months. Janet arrived at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) Quarantine Center on August 30, 2022 with a wound on her left arm. An x-ray showed that her left arm was fractured. With expert medical care, Janet made good progress and she soon fully recovered from her bite wound and broken arm. After completing three months of quarantine, Janet was in good condition and the vet team declared her healthy.

Janet Today

Janet has joined other orangutans for socialization. This is one of the vital parts of the rehabilitation program as Janet learns how to behave like an orangutan. Janet seems dominant; she takes all the keepers’ food and often steals food from others. Her rice days are behind her! Janet has also become a very loud and playful individual. We can’t wait to watch her antics as she grows. With a symbolic adoption, you will be able to follow Janet’s progress as well.

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