Orangutan Outreach: Moving Forward

Sept 2011 - After the disaster in Sintang and tragic loss of baby Luna Orangutan Outreach had to re-evaluate our efforts on the ground in Indonesia. We took critical steps to ensure the safety of all orangutans being cared for in our name and with our funds. Working with our O-Team partners, COP and JAAN-- in full cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry-- we agreed to evacuate the 11 remaining orangutans from Sintang and bring them to Ketapang, where they are now receiving excellent, professional care and all the love they can handle from our partners International Animal Rescue (IAR). You can read a heartfelt description of JAAN's involvement at Sintang here.

Orangutan Outreach is now strengthening existing alliances and forming valuable new partnerships in the US and abroad. Our support of BOS Nyaru Menteng is unwavering and we are now working closely with IAR to develop the new 60-acre Ketapang Orangutan Rescue Center. We are also supporting COP in the field and collaborating with JAAN to care for orangutans who might otherwise fall through the cracks. In addition, we are expanding our collaboration with the Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF) to sponsor academic scholarships for Indonesian students pursuing degrees in fields directly related to orangutan conservation. The program has been incredibly successful in North Sumatra and we are looking to expand into West Kalimantan in 2012.

We have many new and exciting projects, including our groundbreaking orangutan iPad program Apps for Apes, and our Facebook Game: My Conservation Park. We have just named our new Youth Ambassadors: Girl Scouts Madi Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen, and will soon be announcing our New Board of Directors and our official Representative for Europe.

Orangutan Outreach is still a young organization, but it is growing up quickly. Post-Sintang, we have cut all ties with any projects, organizations and individuals that we feel are not helping us to fulfill our mission-- to protect every orangutan in need.

We would also like to clarify to all our supporters around the world that Orangutan Outreach is not associated with-- nor do we endorse-- any other organizations using our name and branding. Unfortunately, there are some organizations in Europe doing so without our permission.

These are exciting times for us all. After hitting a rough patch this past spring, things are once again moving in the right direction. Orangutan Outreach is moving forward!

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As always, we would like to thank YOU-- our supporters-- because we could not do any of this without you... If you have any questions regarding these matters, please contact us.

Best wishes,   Rich  {:(|}

Richard Zimmerman
Executive Director, Orangutan Outreach
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