Video: Mud Yoga With Yutris the Orangutan

Yutris is being cared for at BOS Nyaru Menteng in Borneo, Indonesia. He is one of the stars of the series Orangutan Jungle School. He is also a budding yogi.

Yutris is an orphan. His mother was murdered and he is now being raised with a group of other orangutans... and will hopefully be able to live free in the wild when he grows up... as nature intended.

Thank you for your support! Namaste. {:(|}

Video of Yutris © Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation & Orangutan Outreach
Thanks to BOSF for the footage of Yutris.
Thanks to the Orangutan Jungle School editors for 'inspiring' our clip.
Thanks to Carlos Torres for editing our clip.
Thanks to Alan O'Brien for the animation work at the end.
Ambient jungle sounds courtesy of

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