Noni and Dodo’s Summer Update


Noni and Dodo are a lovely orangutan pair who are being cared for at the Cikananga Wildlife Center on Java Island. They were rescued from the illegal pet trade many, many years ago and bureaucratic red tape has kept them from moving back to Borneo. Until that day comes we are making sure they get all the tender loving care as we can. You can learn more about them and see more photos here.

Noni and Dodo are both doing well. They're healthy and strong and haven't shown any signs of illness even as  the Covid-19 coronavirus has swept through Indonesia. They are aware of the reduced staffing at the center, but they aren't otherwise concerned... as it should be!

The biggest task with adult orangutans like Noni & Dodo is making sure they don't get bored and lethargic. Besides plenty of healthy food they need to be kept busy with lots of challenging enrichment and as much exercise as possible.

Orangutans are infamous for investigating (read: destroying) everything around them, so we do our best to make sure their enclosure is constantly getting upgrades. Last year we provided funding to build them new platforms and they have been a huge success. Noni and Dodo enjoy jumping, sitting and lounging on their platforms... They use them a lot and each have their own space. If you'd like to help care for Noni and Dodo, please make a donation below!

Noni and Dodo have been getting along well lately, but the staff still separate Noni from Dodo on a daily bases to give her some time off. Otherwise he can be a bit dominant and physically rough.... a common behavioral trait of adult orangutan males. She likes to spend time with Dodo, but she also loves her 'alone' time.

Since early in 2020 Noni & Dodo have a new keeper, Pak Nur, due to the passing away of one of their other keepers (Pak Alen). Nur is now taking care of them full time and it's been going well. Dodo behaves well with Nur and fully accepts him. Dodo is always such a big big sweetheart! 🙂 Noni, on the other hand, is still not 100% sure about her new caretaker! She is still testing him and is sometimes naughty towards Nur. This is how it always goes with Noni! It always takes time before she trusts somebody. Hopefully she will soon bond with Nur as well.

Noni & Dodo Need You!

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