Still a juvenile, Dina is the youngest of the orangutans that will live at the Orangutan Haven. She was confiscated as an illegal pet in 2016, and arrived at the SOCP Quarantine and Rehabilitation Centre seemingly in good health, but shortly after it became apparent that she was suffering from encephalitis, an infection of the brain. The infection led to her almost total paralysis, to the point where she was incapable of moving just about all of her body, and she would stare blankly off into space. After many months of around the clock care by the SOCP team, Dina gradually regained the use of her body. She can now climb around in her cage and in the trees as well as the others, but she remains unable to see. It is unknown if she will ever regain her eyesight. As such, when she is ready, Dina will join the larger orangutans at the Haven, and as a female, she will eventually be introduced to one of the males already residing there for companionship.

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